About your Princess

I bet you’re all clamoring around like the swine you are, hanging on My every written word so you can know how best to please Me.

Lucky little boys, here’s an About Me post so you can better serve Me.

I’m Princess Angieobviously. But I fear for your stupidity, boys, so I like to remind you. I’m only 20 years old and I appear cute, sweet, friendly…but truly, My passion is Domination. When I desire control, I WILL have it. When I want something, I WILL have it. My mind is designed to manipulate those weak minded men around Me. I can see into you, you pathetic scum, see your every flaw and I will use those flaws to My utmost advantage. I laugh at whoever plays me the fool, as they will get what’s coming for them…My Complete Control.

I love playing manipulative mindgames with you pathetic souls. Nothing thrills Me more than humiliation, forced intoxication, cuckolding, and sissification. I love knowing that My absolutely control over you means your financial means are at My control. you KNOW you could never please Me, your cash is the only thing that will ever pleasure and satisfy Me.

I enjoy luxuries, as does anyone else, but what thrills Me even more is pampering Myself with cash from you pathetic piglets. Nothing excites Me more than going on a spontaneous shopping spree…with money provided by you.

I love experiences. I love dining out with My Boyfriend, spending time out on a beach with My Friends. I love not having to think about finances, as you provide all the finances I’ll ever need! Hahahahaha, you’re all so willing to shell out cash just so you can serve Me as I deserved to be served…you guys are SO pathetic lol

I LOVE clothes, I love shoes! I love adorning My petite but perfectly curvy frame in garments that I bought with your hard-earned salary. I have a busy, fulfilling life that I need to look GOOD for and you will do anything to help Me accomplish that. Clothes, shoes, beauty products, underwear…only the best for your Princess.

So, I hope you losers understand your place and what I expect of you. Serve Me right and true and you will be sure to be in for the ride of your life.


~Princess Angie



to Princess Angie’s World. My World. The only world that should matter to you filthy scumbags, if you know what’s good for you.

Financial Domination, opening your wallet for Me. Bowing down at My feet and kissing the ground I walk on. you definitely don’t deserve to kiss My feet. Sissification, forced intoxication, spending all that hard-earned (LOL, hard earned, like you work hard! hahahha) on Me…your Highness.

you creep, you absolutely love this. you fucking SICKO! Hahahahaha.

Are you ready to try and satisfy Me?

Are you ready, honestly, to let go of all control of your finances and life? To be manipulated and confused by Me? To be a money slave to your Perfect Princess? To sacrifice any pleasures you once had so you can give it all to Me?

You better be, you little bitch, because I’m here and I’m taking it all.